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Take care of your new friend.
Check out our care section for tips & tricks on cleaning and maintaining your kitchen blocks to keep them looking better with age.


CARing for your wood

To clean, simply wipe both sides with a damp rag and leave to dry in a place where air circulates. Make sure not to soak your board in water (definitely no dishwasher).

Your kitchen block is meant to take abuse,
but here are a few tips to help keep it sharp & fresh:


Oil your board once a month with food-safe mineral oil -
it helps to maintain water resistance and keeps the wood hydrated to avoid potential cracks. We soak all of our boards in mineral oil, so when you get it, it's good to go, but it's important to keep it up!  Re-applying is easy, take a clean rag with a spoonful of mineral oil and rub all sides of the board. The wood will continue to absorb until it is fully saturated. When your board maintains a glossy sheen, it's ready for action.


Scrub with coarse salt or baking soda - for tough spots and food grime.


A squeeze of lemon fights bacteria from settling in and helps remove stains.

Avoid soaking in water!
Too much moisture can result in germs and cracks,
so keep your board out of the sink and dishwasher.


Board-butter adds an extra layer of protection.
Finish re-conditioning your board by buffing on a small amount of board butter with a clean rag. Make sure to cover all sides. The beeswax mixture not only hydrates the wood, it also creates a barrier against moisture. We offer our own blend in our store.